burmatex® carpet tiles create bright showroom installation

Biuro Perfect Showroom, structure bonded carpet tiles

Multiple bright colours from the heavy contract burmatex® structure bonded® carpet tile ranges have completed this installation in Biuro Perfekt office furniture showroom, Poland.

On a background of zip steel cable the installation combines inserts of lateral®, zip and code. With coordinated colour palettes across these ranges the design is able to use various products but focus on the use of colour to define areas within the showroom.

Beginning with a light grey insert of either lateral® diamond dust or academy sherborne grey, each area uses a single highlight colour in matching shades from code and lateral®.

The background of zip steel cable surrounds this central design, forming a walkway around the showroom space. On the outward side of this, the walkway is bordered by a bold row of strands lime ranging through the colour concentrations of strands five, strands ten and strands sixty.

Protecting the entire installation the entrance uses an area of burmatex® grimebuster 50 newmarket grey entrance matting.

Colours used: