Burmatex® carpet tiles transform Ricoh UK offices

Ricoh UK - lateral carpet tiles

The technological printing firm wanted their colourful office design to be reflected in their flooring scheme, making our lateral® carpet tiles the perfect solution, with the range containing multiple colour options to match any interior colour theme and design.

The Ricoh office in Coventry now boasts a striking flash of colour running though a simple background of lateral® diamond dust. Each strip of shading matches a noticeable wall feature, guiding the design along the corridors and navigating the eye around the features of the display area.

lateral® carpet tiles in a concrete jungle finish create a walkway around the outside space and corridors, and staggered multicoloured inserts of the lateral®tile combine with the random-lay balance atomic storm, creating an individual feel to each, separate meeting room to give an understated, yet noticeable, finish.

The large colour palettes of our structure bonded® ranges have proven themselves perfect for adding a corporate identity into any flooring installation, infusing a hint of personality to create an engaging working environment.

Colours Used:

  • balance atomic storm
  • lateral® concrete jungle
  • lateral® diamond dust
  • lateral® turquoise mountain
  • lateral® mandarin duck
  • lateral® purple emperor
  • lateral® lime street