Burmatex® fibre bonded carpets in university libraries across Poland

University Library Gdansk, fibre bonded sheet

Expansive installations of Burmatex® fibre bonded sheet carpets at three university libraries in Poland display how these classic products are able to subtly accentuate the features of a scheme. Suitable for use in heavy contract situations, two fibre bonded sheet carpet ranges have created three very different designs in these high traffic educational buildings.

The University Library, Bydgoszcz features 12,000 square metres of Burmatex® 4200 sidewalk in a variety of colours. Across this large installation the different colours of the thin ribbed carpet sheet have been used to define areas with separate purposes, maximising the available space.

Gdansk University Library uses feature furniture in an inventive layout to produce an impactful design against the sturdy backdrop of 14,000 square metres of Burmatex® 4400 broadway. Three neutral colours of this thick ribbed product have been used along with variations in the furniture styles to introduce a subtle change between reception and library areas.

In the Medical University Library, Poznan, 6,500 square metres of Burmatex® 4400 broadway have been used in conjunction with a wood effect border. This design again enhances the space within the building by altering the colour and layout style to define central, open areas such as staircases and seating.

Holding Green Guide A+/A ratings Burmatex® fibre bonded carpet sheets continue to offer traditional performance strengths while developing contemporary colour palettes for unique designs.

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