Burmatex® launch carbon neutral range, arctic®

arctic plank hail stone norse grey

The newest addition to our multi-level loop portfolio is arctic® – made using Universal Fibers® ground-breaking Thrive® matter yarn, the world’s first carbon negative recycled yarn, and our unique BioBase® recycled backing, arctic® is carbon neutral.


Inspired by the changing Arctic landscape – arctic® is a softly directional but organic design, controlled and yet wild. Icebergs evolving, icy water flowing down frozen mountains and glacial river rapids all contribute to the overall movement within the design. The colour palette is made up of 12 colours, available in tile and plank to allow you the freedom to create unique structures and patterns to suit your project. The palette, derived from natural elements within the landscape, consists of icy blues, cool greys and subtle warms with marine-like green tones & soft sages to further enhance the collection. arctic® is a large-scale design that provides plenty of variation within it, but also pairs well with balance ground® and origin® as plains.