Burmatex® offer RIBA Approved CPD Seminar

burmatex CPD, introduction slide

Entitled ‘Carpet Tiles: from Manufacture to Specification’ the Burmatex® RIBA accredited CPD enables informed evaluations of a carpet tiles performance characteristics and environmental qualities.

Presented in the form of a 30-40 minute seminar it considers both the component materials and manufacturing processes involved in the construction of commercial carpet tiles.

‘Carpet Tiles: from Manufacture to Specification’ fits into the RIBA Core Curriculum under:

  • Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Knowledge level: General Awareness

The seminar has been available since the beginning of this year and been met with an extremely positive reception:

  • “Very informative, well presented, very helpful”
  • “The presentation was pitched at the right level and enlightening”
  • “A very effective presentation, thanks”
  • “Very well presented and very informative”

Beginning by detailing the performance features of various raw materials, the presentation forms a comprehensive overview of a carpet tiles structure identifying the way each element will influence final durability and appearance.

The seminar also discusses how carpet tiles fit into the spectrum of responsible flooring solutions including the main environmental considerations and international standards for building materials.

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