colourful structure bonded® corridors enrich primary school

Combining the three Green Guide A+/A rated ranges of lateral® and code, Burmatex® structure bonded® carpet tiles have created an imaginative, colourful floor installation at St. Matthews Primary School designed by Emily Steaggles of NPS Property Consultants in Ampthill.

Following a flooring plan created by the Burmatex® design team and project architect NPS, the scheme uses the fully coordinated structure bonded® colour palettes to focus fifteen colour ways into an installation using a grey background and four highlight colours: turquoise, lime, purple and pink.

Running throughout the school corridors lateral® concrete jungle features numerous, shifting clusters of lateral® and code in each highlight colour. The Burmatex® design changes the colour focus of each pixelated cluster throughout the building, breaking up the long corridors into engaging spaces. Both the textured appearance and the variations in colour intensity between lateral® and code have been used to clearly define each coloured cluster.

This impactful use of colour has been continued throughout the furnishing and decoration of the school building with signature stripes on the walls and complementary, colourful locker doors.

By defining a scheme around bright, cheerful inserts, Burmatex® designers have given the installation an inviting, child friendly finish – while maintain the practical, heavy contract suitability required.

Colours Used: