flexible burmatex® carpet tiles refurbish Old Theatre

zip carpet tiles at Old Theatre Poland

In a refurbishment of the Old Theatre, Boleslawiec, Poland burmatex® carpet tiles have demonstrated a flexibility to work across a variety of environments, from new builds to traditional locations. Within this 1,200 square metre project burmatex® carpet tiles provide both the highest modern standard, heavy contract suitable finish while maintaining the traditional atmosphere of the theatre.

The selection of two burmatex® ranges (structure bonded® zip and fibre bonded cordiale) addresses the different atmospheres required within the auditorium and wider theatre building.

burmatex® cordiale is used within the auditorium itself. This high performance, class 33, fibre bonded product offers a simple finish which works alongside the understated quality of the theatre. Complementing the deep purple décor and traditional plush red seating, the calm colour of cordiale chilean wine continues the subdued design within the auditorium, directing attention toward the stage.

Elsewhere, the Old Theatre building holds a number of traditional features – with the calm colour of zip quartz layer creating a flooring scheme that enhances this underlying artistic finish. In a simple layout across the wide spaces and corridors the visually textured appearance of zip establishes a contemplative atmosphere which uses the bright nature of the building.

Colours used: