Get on board with our carpet tiles at Virgin Trains

up & balance grayscale carpet tiles at Virgin Trains Head Office

Virgin Trains office building has been refurbished using Burmatex® carpet tiles – up and balance greyscale.

up red was chosen as the focus colour to reflect the bright corporate identity of Virgin Trains.

When creating the flooring layout Burmatex® designers combined the bold up red with up tomato to soften the contrast against the balance greyscale grey background. This creates a practical, while clearly branded, working environment.

Bold pathways in up red with inserts of up tomato run through the offices and into visitors seating areas. This creates a strong, bright introduction to the commercial space.

Inserts of colour throughout desk areas (fitted mainly in balance greyscale) ensure the strong corporate colour is used in all areas. The final installation creates a sophisticated corporate environment with a strong identity.

Colours used:

  • up 19502 red
  • up 19504 tomato
  • balance greyscale 18501 grey