international chain of showrooms fitted with structure bonded® carpet tiles

lateral® & zip carpet tiles at Nowy Styl

Situated across Europe, Nowy Styl Office Furniture Showrooms have created a series of installations using Burmatex® heavy contract suitable, Green Guide A+/A carpet tiles.

All seven locations have followed a different design scheme, tailored to suit the changing spaces and styles of furniture on display. Each showroom has used the structure bonded® range lateral®, independently or alongside a code range.

Showroom Style 1

Emphasising the available showroom space, the installations in Dusseldorf and Warsaw use a variety of colours against grey backgrounds. The installation in Warsaw uses a selection of lateral® carpet tiles while Dusseldorf combines five colours of lateral® with code.

While both of these installations use colour, they have done so in different ways.

Dusseldorf introduces changes in colour and design to segment different areas of the showroom. This scheme matches different colours of furniture with corresponding flooring in a layout which accentuates the wide ranges of styles on offer.

Instead of dividing the space the installation in Warsaw uses a variety of colours as circular inserts within a dark background. In a cheerful design this showroom combines neutrals and brights in both flooring and furnishings in a stand-out finish.

Showroom Style 2

The showrooms in Krakow and Prague both use the single, mid-grey carpet tile of lateral® concrete jungle. These installations contrast the flooring with statement furnishings, white walls and large windows.

In this way the furniture itself becomes the focus of the space and is used to add colour, reflect and maximise the available light.

Showroom Style 3

Both Krosno and Paris have created contemporary showroom spaces. The flooring design uses inserts of oval or rectangular outlines within a dark background of lateral® concrete jungle. These shaped inserts reflect the style of the long, rounded benches which have been used in a number of the Nowy Styl Showrooms and feature within both of these installations.

While this underlying element of the design is similar in both showrooms, the use of colour and furnishings has created two different finishes.

With light grey inserts of lateral® diamond dust, the Paris showroom features bright walls and furnishings in an inviting appearance. The selection of statement furnishings (and plants) in blues and greens introduce colour without overwhelming the sophisticated scheme.

The installation in Krosno has used deeper, bold colours. Matching the corporate orange and grey, inserts in lateral® mandarin duck and diamond dust correspond with the block colour furniture used. Grey walls and ceilings complete the scheme, creating a strong identity within the showrooms distinctive finish.

Showroom Style 4

In an installation designed to reflect the surrounding building the showroom in London uses lateral® concrete jungle.

Running along an external wall with large windows, the background of grey lateral® is interspersed with regular highlights, each of which line up with the orange brick walls between each window.

This stunning, yet simple, design finish is further accentuated by a combination of contemporary, monochromatic and more traditional, brick orange furnishings.

Colours Used: