PAB Studio offices create distinctive designs with Burmatex® carpet tiles

PAB Studio Wakefield, tivoli, strands

Using a combination of colour and playful design a variety of Burmatex® carpet tile ranges have been used in the highly unique, inspiring office environments at PAB Studios in Wakefield. Brilliantly showcasing the outstanding design possibilities available from Burmatex® carpet tiles, five flooring designs have been installed in the different spaces of these modern offices.

In multiple rooms an impactful background of tivoli st kitts basalt involves laying the carpet tiles in a design which is both brick and quarter turn. Against this three different feature options have been fitted – in three separate rooms.

The first room presents a small installation space which has been kept simple, using bright, single tile inserts of up pink along with colourful furniture to create a cheerful finish.

In the second area of the building the single colour background has enabled the use of vivid design elsewhere. Combining tivoli st kitts basalt with a bright green rug, picnic table and large sheep – both the wall decoration and peculiar features reflect a quirky yet professional office.

Throughout a third area – comprising a large work space – the design works to maintain a flow between the wall and floor finishes. Running the length of the room, repeated inserts of bold strands sixty lime reflect the use of a green highlight wall and create a defined walkway which suits this focused yet creative working environment.

Presenting another design focus, two areas within the building have used bands of carpet tiles, two tiles wide, to suggest a plank effect. Using monochromatic shades of tivoli and tivoli multiline these rooms have created extremely contemporary finishes.

Within the restricted corridor space a geometrically inspired design alternates between tivoli st kitts basalt and tivoli multiline melanesia grey in a deceptively simple layout which creates a clear flow throughout the space.

Incorporating the additional, lighter colour of tivoli antigua steel, a focused office space offsets and brightens the linear design. Altering the scheme in this way best suits the size and environment of the installation space, with bright furnishings and large feature windows.

As well as displaying fantastic designs throughout, the Burmatex® tivoli, up and strands ranges address the practical, daily requirements of offices – with a Green Guide A and A+ rated, heavy contract suitable (class 33) finish.

Colours used: