timeless educational refurbishment with tivoli in Lancing College

Lancing College, tivoli

The luxury class and hardwearing quality of Burmatex® tivoli carpet tiles has been evidenced in this installation at Lancing College, West Sussex.

Founded in 1848 the college and chapel buildings present a very grand structure, with the monolithic installations of tivoli in a single colour per room upholding the extremely traditional setting.

In an understated finish, the use of two neutral tivoli colours – belize greige and dominica dawn – create a practical, modern educational environment within the august setting. Flowing across study rooms and boarding space the continuous use of tivoli presents a single scheme, in a heavy contract suitable finish.

Against this imposing setting Burmatex® tivoli offers a timeless finish, able to meet the contemporary requirements of an educational building while using subdued shades in a classic design to suit the historic grandeur of the college.

Colours used: