tivoli creates unique areas in Hall Park Academy

Hall Park Academy, tivoli

This installation of Burmatex® carpet tiles at Hall Park Academy, Nottingham, embraces the expansive colour bank of the Burmatex®® tivoli and tivoli multiline ranges in a bold, impactful design.

On a dark background of tivoli st lucia night, the library areas feature a number of bright inserts from tivoli and tivoli multiline – including tivoli bahamas orange, bermuda lime and bellamy red along with tivoli multiline reunion terracotta, ibiza blue and pacific green.

Using this variety of colour, the overall design scheme shifts throughout the different library spaces, combining areas linear finishes and strong, block inserts in a creative finish.

In a separate reception area, ® carpet tiles define a curved walkway in tivoli key west blue around an inset seating area. The chairs used in the entrance way complement the flooring design, with contrasting backs and seats in an alternating green and blue, creating a complete scheme.

The generous palette of tivoli colours allows the creation of two very different schemes – with both a bright impact and a more sophisticated finish which displays the available variety within this Green Guide A and A+ rated Burmatex® range.

Colours used: