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solar panels renewable electricity

We understand that our actions impact the environment, and we are committed to acting responsibly. 100% of our electricity is from certified renewable sources.

In 2010, Burmatex® made the commitment to only use 100% certified renewable electricity. We are committed to both reducing our energy usage, but also in investing in our own renewable energy generation.

Additionally, we as a company are tremendously delighted to announce the installation of solar panels on the roofs of our buildings at our West Yorkshire based factory that are now generating clean and renewable electricity.

The new solar panels provide around 14,000 KWh per week of electricity which equates to one-third of the total electricity required to run the factory and offices.

Whilst this is a significant and exciting investment for Burmatex®, it also demonstrates our commitment to having a positive environmental impact as part of our sustainability principles, eco2matters®.