osaka® carpet tiles with new refreshed palette

Refreshed for 2023, osaka® is an all over pattern inspired by an incredibly vibrant, futuristic, and traditional part of the world, Japan. The contrasts found in Japan inspire the range; new and old, warm and cool, urban and natural.

osaka® is now lighter weight at 695g, manufactured with Universal Fibers® ground-breaking Thrive® matter yarn, the world’s first carbon negative recycled yarn. This, combined with our unique BioBase® recycled backing – makes osaka® carbon neutral.

The design’s pattern – originally from a map of Osaka – can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. You can notice geometric outline inspired by the traditional practise of origami along with organic shapes and reminiscent of a bamboo forest floor. The abstract nature of the design, teamed with a diverse colour palette, allows it to be both soft and strong, expertly working with modern interior spaces.

osaka® partners well with balance ground® and origin® as plain options.