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Carpet tile & carpet sheet products

  1. cordiale - fibre bonded carpet tiles

    fibre bonded sheets and tiles
    entrance collection sheets and tiles

    Renowned for expertise and innovation in the manufacture of fibre bonded carpet sheet and tiles, burmatex® offer various popular finishes including: a plush velour, stylish fine rib, contemporary thick rib and classic flat.

    Along with sturdy entrance matting solutions, the hardwearing, BREEAM A and A+ rated burmatex® ranges are ideal for heavy contract situations.


    fibre bonded & entrance matting

  2. burmatex_which_adhesive

    structure bonded® tiles

    The ground-breaking burmatex® structure bonded® manufacturing technique has redefined the design potential available to commercial interiors.

    Introducing an innovative mix of textures and colours these, BREEAM A and A+ rated, synchronous ranges offer striking, contemporary designs with generous colour palettes, to effortlessly create unique flooring schemes.

    structure bonded®

  3. about_burmatex

    loop pile tiles

    The robust structure of a level loop pile carpet partners a hardwearing finish with a variety of design options. Including solid colours, a variety of stripes and unique, striking designs the BREEAM A and A+ rated burmatex® level loop pile ranges are able to complement any interior design.

    level loop pile carpet tiles work expertly with all burmatex® ranges, offering extensive opportunities for unique flooring schemes.

    loop pile

  4. textured loop pile - contract carpet tiles

    textured loop pile tiles

    The striking, high quality finish of textured loop pile carpet tiles combine the robust, hardwearing performance of a loop pile construction with ever expanding design possibilities.

    burmatex® BREEAM A and A+ rated textured loop pile carpet tiles introduce the possibility for truly unique, stand out installations.

    textured loop pile

  5. origin - cut pile - contract carpet tiles

    cut pile tiles

    cut pile carpet tiles present a luxurious finish with a soft feel and plush appearance.

    The sophisticated impact of a hardwearing cut pile design is ideal for promoting luxury within commercial locations, across both large spaces and precise, target areas.

    cut pile

  6. performance barrier system - entrance carpet tiles

    performance barrier system

    The burmatex® performance barrier system offers the ultimate solution in interior entrance performance.

    Engineered with a combination of yarns to protect internal floor finishes against dirt and moisture, performance barrier systems reduce dirt and moisture tracked in by foot and wheel traffic, extending the lifespan and appearance of interior carpets and flooring.

    performance barrier system